01. one late night in 1994
02. hopeless love
03. my heart that is like a star
04. i'll give you my all


infinite the new members of sistar

1) Screenshot your desktop
2) Screenshot your follower count
3) Screenshot your blog
4) Screenshot your post count
5) Screenshot your liked count
6) Screenshot your followers
7) Screenshot your dash
8) Screenshot your favorite blog
9) Screenshot your message count
10) Screenshot your saved url's
11) Screenshot [insert whatever]

140729 KBS Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook recording
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Infinite live performance + roses

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So this ‘thing’ is back. Again. You might remember sungyeolvivi, this might be her again judging by the bad english, homophobia and hate for myungsoo and sungjong because how dare Kim Myungsoo look at Sungjong and not Sungyeol who is the only good person in infinite!!!

She even broke a season 2 album, I’m not sure if shes aware of the fact that Sungjong and Myungsoo still made money from her buying it but lets just get her suspended again.

Twitter: SungjongHATER (not talking around it is she) You can either report her as spam or for harressment. Both will work for getting her suspended. I honestly just feel bad for Sungyeol for having a fan like that.

Name: Infinite F

Track: Heart Beats Faster

The ABC’s of Im Jin-ah: Q for Quotes